One touch pitching to Investors


Abhash Kumar
Superb product. I've experienced this first-hand and it works like a charm.
Ben Tossell
@bentossell · Community Lead, Product Hunt
What types of investors do you think this will suit the most? Lots of investors don't like cold pitches, many prefer warm intros and with a bit of hustle I believe that most people are not out of reach. What is the main problem being solved with this? Is it exposure to investors? What are some of the success stories that have pitched and been funded thr… See more
Nikhil Jois
@nikhiljoisr · Co-founder, Eventosaur
We were lucky enough to be on the beta list for Shotpitch. Happy to report that it's worked out quite well for Eventosaur :)
Harsh Snehanshu
@harshsnehanshu · Co-founder & CEO, YourQuote
We were fortunate to be on the alpha list of Shotpitch. A real time saver for both investors and entrepreneurs. Opened up new doors for Whereabout!
John Krehbiel
@john_krehbiel · Founder @ Cashout
I was wondering if you have had any feedback from the investor side? I mean, I can see startup liking the tool. But what about investors?