Generate & submit screenshots to iTunes Connect fast.

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Ben Cheng
Ben Cheng@chpapa · Product Manager, Oursky
Thanks for all the love and posting it on Product Hunt, I'm Ben from Oursky who developed Shotbot. It is still a very early stage product that we use internally and we're actually doing a major UI update + improving the network responsiveness now (sending HTTP request to iTunesConnect instead of using ITMS Transporter which is really slow), so sorry if the app feels a bit laggy at this stage. Please stay tuned for the next major update, and meanwhile, any comments and suggestions are welcomed!
Noah Tovares
Noah TovaresHunter@noahtovares
This has always been a huge pain for me. Glad to see more software coming out to automate some of the iOS development process
Ran@ranlearns · Founder, Peekaboo Studios
@noahtovares good find! This will be sooo helpful. I spend way too much time just reordering screenshots *AFTER* going through and uploading at each device size. This looks fantastic. 👍🏼
Dan Flanegan
Dan Flanegan@dflanegan · Co-Founder, Butter
Can't wait to give this a try!
On Board
On Board@taylordcheng · Founder
Awesome, better than using photoshop macros. Icons are also a pain in the ass to generate all sizes of.
Ben Cheng
Ben Cheng@chpapa · Product Manager, Oursky
@taylordcheng For generate all sizes of icons, we have :)
Ouriel Ohayon
Ouriel Ohayon@ourielohayon · KZen, CEO / Co-founder isai (VC)
not bad. why just screenshots? can you do app trailers too? app description?
Ben Cheng
Ben Cheng@chpapa · Product Manager, Oursky
@ourielohayon Yea, we plan to include app description too!