Shot X

Consume post-drinking and avoid rough mornings

Shot X is a turmeric drink that improves your body’s response to alcohol. On a casual night in or the weekend, consume Shot X post-drinking. Wake up feeling great the next day.

Flavor Profile: Orange Creamsicle

Active Ingredients: Curcumin (turmeric extract), Electrolytes, Amino Acids, Inositol.

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6 Reviews4.2/5

I never plan an event where I know there will be a lot of drinking without ordering some Shot X. It allows everyone to enjoy their night so much more without the fear of a gnarly hangover the next morning. I love the taste of the product and I always have some in my fridge to take with me on the go.


Great packaging and presentation, tastes great, natural/healthy ingredients. Haven't had a hangover since using the product.


The tumeric in the drink has a yellow color which looked strange at first but once I tasted it, the color didn't matter.

I really like the idea and branding behind your product. I see that your product has turmeric in it. How is it any different from the turmeric that is found on shelves?
@rebecca_turowetz_lally Hi Rebecca, thank you for your question. Shot X is one of the only products containing liquid turmeric. Studies show it takes less than 5 minutes to absorb a liquid extract compared to a powder, which can take upwards of 30 minutes. Since the body does not need to break down the liquid extract, this allows the health benefits to be readily accessible. The turmeric in Shot X is 185 times more bioavailable (rate of absorption) than native turmeric.
Great product, I love the concept! Is this only for hangovers or can I also take it when I drink?
@erica_latack Hi Erica! Thanks for your question 🙏🏼 We created Shot X keeping in mind the effect it will have on a person's liver while drinking. Whether a person binges or has just a glass of wine, they can still drink Shot X because the ingredients in it will work actively to break down the toxins in your body.

Definitely recommend to anyone who finds it hard to get out of bed after drinking.


It worked well for me. I was able to function normally after having a few too many drinks at the company happy hours.


It’s bit sweet for my liking.

Tastes incredible and is so effective!! Love it!