Shortly 2.0

Short stories based on how much time you have

I am making reading fiction more compact and convenient for the Snapchat generation.
You select how much time you have - one minute, three minutes or five minutes - and Shortly gives you a top-rated short story of that length.
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What a nice idea, look forward to trying it out! How do you source the writing?
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Hey Product Hunt! I love reading but it’s become difficult to read. We struggle to read for more than a few minutes without getting distracted. Fiction must follow the entertainment my generation has grown up with (such as YouTube and Snapchat) in becoming more compact and convenient. So I made Shortly! You select how long you have and Shortly gives you a short story of that length. This makes reading fiction seamlessly fit into your life.
Nice work! Are users able to control the sources of content from select publishers?
@lachlankirkwood Not at the moment but we are building features to give readers more choice in what they read. We'll keep you posted :D
would be great if you give more choices to the readers.