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No matter if you work with so called influencers or just follow them - it sucks when you want to know their social profiles. The problem is, that you can't display them all in your Instagram profile when you have just one URL to set. Recently Instagram even blocked Snapchat-Add URLs. A friend of mine created Shortcutz to just have one simple overview of all social profiles of someone. Instagram, Snapchat, Linkedin, Soundcloud and much more. It's free & everyone can create his own . There's also a nice feature for YouTubers. They can integrate their last video at the top in addition to the other profiles. All in all, you can just link to your profile from Instagram, Twitter, YouTube or whatever and who knows, when enough people fill in their real profiles, you could also integrate some sort of search function and Shortcutz becomes some sort of "library for social profiles"? You would do me a great favour by giving Shortcutz an upvote and tell your friends about it. I think it's a really great feature and I use it myself, 'cause I'm an Influencer myself and I know how it sucked to have like hundreds of profiles and no nice overview. Feel free to give feedback, thanks a lot for your time!
Surprised to see services requesting passwords still launching without SSL (https) support.
@gshapiro Now in baking mode!
@gshapiro Hi Gregory, it is done! We integrated SSL. Best regards!
Would love to see this idea "zoomed out" and become an open-source social network that combines all their social graphs together into one... and while I'm daydreaming give us an API and OAuth :D
Hey Oguz, Good luck with this. Why would somebody choose Shortcutz over established players like /
@thedimmick Hi Steve, thanks for your wishes. Our service are shortcuts and not building up small websites with more content. We only focus on deeplinks into the apps! And there are coming up more and more nice features... stay tuned. Best regards.