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In many ways this is how I'd like folders to work on iOS. Pop out when I need them, then go away. But @andrewfang is there away to add unlimited apps? Maybe via URL scheme?
@andrewwarner iOS has restrictions (for security reasons) that doesn't allow a developer to programmatically scan the device for apps. I'm using URL schemes, but I have to manually tell it what apps to look for
@andrewfang what about a user entering their own?
@kleerkoat looking into it!
@andrewfang nice, bought it to support!
Very nice and simple! Love it! @andrewFang: is 4 shortcuts the maximum allowed by Apple?
@t55 Yes iOS only allows for 4 quick actions. I've created a second version of the app (https://itunes.apple.com/us/app/...) to allow you to have up to 8 shortcuts.
@andrewfang Something's gone wrong. I downloaded Shortcuts free and bought the in-app extra functionality. Unfortunately the app didn't register that. It still only lets me choose 4 shortcuts and it's still the same free app as it says in the title. Anyway to fix that?
@t55 The in-app purchase allows you to open up 3rd party applications. Each app can only open up to 4 shortcuts. The other app I have is Shortcuts.
@andrewfang Well, that explains it. Bought the wrong app :-) Need to buy the other app. You'll get my money twice. But that's cool, it's great little tool. Very handy.
@andrewfang Bought Shortcuts premium but now I've got only 4 shortcuts and nothing else. I'll be mailing you....
So simple, great idea! 👏👏
Does using a folder do the same faster and with more options???
@androidlove Folders don't use 3D Touch...
@androidlove They also can't go in the dock.
Wow living in the walled gardens Apple has made... Either jail broken iPhone or Android.
@androidlove I prefer ios as is for the most part!