Uber for Haircuts

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Hello Product Hunt! I am one of the co-founders of Shortcut here to answer any questions. Fire away!
@will_newt imo the biggest problem will be that you can't have a part-time Uber barber, if your model is to deliver the barber to the customer. You would need a full-time barber traveling around giving haircuts, which means you incentivize the barber correctly by paying a salary or if you find an entrepreneurial enough barber, making him a Shortcut team member (like Hailo did with cabs).
Was very excited about this but feel it should be called "Uber for Mens haircuts" :(
@tristajaye Product hunt was nice enough to dub that nickname for us, but we'd love to be known as the Shortcut of haircuts*! With that, we're flattered to be considered in the same regard. As you know, we are focused on the men's space for now, but stay tuned for updates down the line. Thanks!
@will_newt I can only pray. I'm in need of a haircut today so I'll be patiently waiting! Let me know when you've expanded and I'm first in line.
Have pitched this a million times. I think this could work well. Any more details on the product? Site is a bit sparse
@FrankDenbow Agreed... like where is it available? I feel like if I try the app I might be sitting here for a few days waiting for the "knock on my door".
@FrankDenbow Thanks for chiming in. Shortcut is available anywhere within Manhattan at this current time, but looking to expand to other areas of NYC and beyond as soon as possible.
This is awesome. I hope it makes financial sense! How much is the average haircut going to cost?
@oelamri Website says $50-$75 ouch
@cjl49 @oelamri thanks for investigating. Cuts start at $75 for a single cut, but go down in price when done in groups. Operating hours are Monday – Sunday from 8:00am – 12:00am, so fitting an appt. into your schedule is easier than ever, especially during those sought-after hours when shops are either closed or fully booked. If you're in NYC, you can use code "First Shortcut" for 20% off your first barber visit. Thanks again!
Literally discussed this concept with a friend the other day "why doesn't Uber for haircuts" exist yet Reasons I came up with: -Haircuts are infrequent -People tend to have a connection with their barber -the number of people who would look for haircuts on demand in app - rather than stopping by a barbershop - is small -Hair cuts are not on-demand time sensitive, like a cab, or I'm hungry now (for the most part) Therefore, the immediate market consists of people looking for on-demand haircuts, who find the app, who don't have a go-to barber, need a haircut and don't happen to walk/drive by one, and are willing to clean up the hair. Then there's the whole creating a duel marketplace of enough demand and enough hair-cutting drivers on the system to make it worthwhile for both. All that being said, I would absolutely love for this to work.
@Nivo0o0 having not peeked at the actual app yet, i disagree with you :) this has always seemed like a very obvious "Uber for" candidate and the only requirement is that the quality of the haircuts must be high. In fact that may make it a GREAT "Uber for" candidate, because people will be willing to PAY UP to feel like their haircut is high quality. And barbers currently renting space are probably paying a fat % to the salons. With that said, haircuts are infrequent but regular and most importantly EVERYONE GETS THEM; i have connections with no barbers; i would 100x over prefer a barber come to my house on demand; they only seem un-time-sensitive because they're so hard to get! For many people their hair bothers them I bet on average 1 of every 3 days. If this app can get a high-quality barber TO ME for $45 anytime I want, I'm in. And I'll easily tell all my friends too.