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@samir_doshi Thanks Samir! We really appreciate that.
@irv3389 are you guys in NYC?
@wwmld Yup! NYC is our flagship market.
This definitely shaves a lot of time. Hoping you'll bring the service to Canada sometime soon
@cobionecanobi I see what you did there. We're doing everything possible to bring Shortcut to you, Cobi!
@nivo0o0 predicted this! And here it is, and now, with more updates :)
I got a "shortcut" the other day from a barber named Israel. Came to the office, set up his stuff and cleaned up well. Great cut, five stars
@nycounihan Thanks Julian! Glad to hear Israel delivered a great cut!
I'm interested to see if this actually catches on. The on-demand economy has opened many opportunities but I wonder what services will thrive. Unlike Uber, you would need a full-time barber. Initial concerns for this app would be: - Often people use the same barber/hairdresser - Often they are planned further ahead than a day or a couple of days. BUT in this update those things are actually addressed! However, I'm not sure the market for on-demand haircuts is large enough to help this. It certainly is a market but: - The room for quality control/rating here is a lot smaller than with an Uber. I wouldn't think twice about jumping into an Uber which was 4 stars, but I'd think twice about a barber with a lower than exceptional rating. - It would be cool to have the barbers come to you (if you were that way inclined). My hairdresser has come to my house for as long as I can remember.... maybe Uber will try out haircuts too!
@bentossell Great points here. Your initial concerns (e.g. requesting the same barber and needing to plan ahead) were the two most commonly requested pieces of user feedback we received while working off of our MVP. We've made drastic improvements on both fronts, but still believe there's opportunity to more fully integrate barber requests / barber-specific queries into our UX. Also, your point on quality control/ratings is an important one. One bad haircut is all it may take for someone to never use Shortcut, which is why we've always placed such heavy importance on the service portion of the business. We've designed our hiring process to include a series of interviews, background checks, test haircuts, product and experience training. The barbers and stylists we have out on the grid are out there because we trust them to deliver an exceptional experience every time. Last point, we're already delivering house-calls, so let us know if your hairdresser can't make it sometime :-)
@irv3389 yeah I imagine that was common feedback so it's cool to see you implement it! Yeah I'd be concerned that hair-dressers may not want to be on the app, should they have a bad review. Haircuts can be very personal where people judge them quite intensely.
@bentossell Thanks! It works on a couple levels, beyond heavily vetting our team of barbers/stylists to mitigate bad reviews, we also want people with innate confidence in their abilities as a barber or stylist (this tends to be the norm). On the flip side, we take our user feedback very seriously -- we want to know the specifics of the bad review. Was it a factor of quality, punctuality, cleanliness, etc. Some things we can work to remedy, others may suggest a certain barber/stylist isn't the right fit for Shortcut. We've been very fortunate that this hasn't come up yet.