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Hi everyone! I'm Florian, the developer of Short Menu. Short Menu was the first app I ever created for iOS several years ago. The idea behind the app is relatively simple: you copy a long URL, open Short Menu, which reads the URL from your clipboard, shortens it and finally copies the short URL. Until about one month ago I was the only one working on the app - development, design, everything. In March I started working with @dinbisevac, a friend of mine who is also a designer, and we set out to completely overhaul Short Menu's design. If you want to know more about the history of Short Menu or see our thought process for the redesign, you might want to check out this short Medium Post I wrote: We're very excited about this update and would love to hear what you think about!
wow, this looks super cool! Love that you're supporting all the services I would possible use. Do you have any future plans in terms of features? Maybe even an Android app? Well done ๐Ÿ‘Œ
@rikkekoblauch Thanks Rikke! While an Android version is currently not on the horizon, we do have great plans for the future of Short Menu. Some of the small improvements we're preparing for the next updates are better management of URL services (like hiding the ones you don't use, reorganizing the default services) or more options to customize the Quick Short Action Extension. We also want to add an iMessage app that enables you to quickly send URLs you previously shortened without leaving the Messages app.
Nice app ! I love the Pro Features ร  la carte !
@david_senate Thanks David! After switching to freemium Short Menu only offered a single in-app purchase, but I soon realised that some people might not need all the features. Therefore you can now unlock just the features you need and it's been working great for everyone so far!
Your top in app purchase is "Pro Features" but there is no description of the benefits/limitations on your website or app store listing.
@tombielecki Hey Tom! The "Pro Features" in-app purchase doesn't have any limitations. It'll unlock every feature of the app, even future features that may be added in an update. That said, I think it is described pretty good in the app what each feature does and that "Pro Features" unlocks them all. Admittedly, Affiliate Accounts and Native Shorteners don't have a special mention outside the app (yet) as they're nice to have but not the main selling point of the app. We'll work on that!
I don't understand how a url shortener app gets this many votes and prominent placement on PH?
@fbara Frank, please keep in mind that just because you might not get that much use out of an URL shortener, others might do. Even if you're not going to use it, you could still appreciate a well-made and designed app.