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I'm a big proponent of custom shorteners. I also heavily use Rebrandly. What makes you different?
@stephenalan 1. free analytics 2. Mobile links (separate redirects for iPhone/Android) 3. root domain/404 page redirects 4. integration with 5. hiding referer 6. Link cloaking 7. you don't need to register a domain, you can use subdomain
@andrii_kostenko I can appreciate these, especially #3. I think #7 is also offered by the competition. I need to personally understand the link cloaking, and am now curious about the analytics. I'll give you guys a test with a new side gig. All the best!
@andrii_kostenko @stephenalan Same. I am a big user of custom branded shorteners and a devout Rebrandly evangelist. The more important question is not what makes you different, but how can you convince me to pay for this when Rebrandly offers me free analytics via Bitly integration and free unlimited links, domains, and clicks.
@_jason_michael @stephenalan Sure. That's easy. As you know, it is common thing in link shortener world – link shortener closes and your links becomes unavailable ( is an example). Nothing is free. Rebrandly pays for servers, pays salaries. As I know, their expenses are much bigger, than ours. It is matter of time, when they ask you to pay or can go bankrupt and your links will become unavailable. I think, for companies it is better to pay $20 to profitable link shortener, than use link shortener for free with a risk of losing all their links.
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integrates with buffer? @andrii_kostenko
@luffrj not yet. But I asked Buffer support if they can add integration with
Big fan of here! I've been using it since some months with a custom domain, works perfectly. Well done Andrii!