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• Stop losing leads sharing links to any third-party content or website, not even yours!

• Collect your own audience automatically and sell them again, and again.

• Get +34% clicks using branded links.

For affiliates, e-commerce, bloggers and marketers.

  • Sandeep Mallya
    Sandeep MallyaFounder/CEO of Startup Cafe Digital

    Allows you to side-step Instagram's "one link in bio" limitation and drive traffic with a neatly-designed custom Instagram link profile.



    If you have a business account on Instagram, then you'd know how difficult it is to drive traffic from Instagram to your website. Your posts can't include clickable links and your bio can contain only one link. By using Shorby, you can side-step this limitation and drive traffic to the most important links on your website. You can watch this video to know more about how you can do just that: I was lucky to grab lifetime access to Shorby via AppSumo in December 2018. After using it for over 2 months, I must admit I absolutely LOVE using this tool. I've seen significant increase in traffic from Instagram to my website since I've started using this tool and it's the one Instagram marketing tool which I'd recommend to all marketers and bloggers out there. If you’d like to learn more about this powerful Instagram optimization tool, please check out my in-depth video review and walkthrough of Shorby on YouTube:

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    Multiple networks



    I think, this is really useful for affiliate marketers 👍

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Igityan Hayarpy
Igityan Hayarpy@igityan_hayarpy · Would you like to know my headline?
GregMaker@grigory_dernov · Supercharge Your Instagram Bio
@igityan_hayarpy thanks 😄 make sure to try the Guest Post growth hack: That sounds too simple but really speeds up you like a rocket 🚀
GregMaker@grigory_dernov · Supercharge Your Instagram Bio
Hi Hunters! I’m Greg, co-founder of Shorby. Thank you @chrismessina for hunting us! I am thrilled to share with you everything we’ve been working so hard with our team. SHORBY is needed to stop losing leads, sharing links to any third-party content or websites, not even yours! Collect your own audience automatically and sell to them again and again. Perfect for sellers, bloggers, and affiliates. If you promote your business on third-party websites like Patreon, Clickbank, Youtube, or Amazon, it is the only way to collect and retarget this audience. If you share any articles or posts on social networks, it is the only way, too. We created SHORBY for people who have experienced retargeting and know how cool and cheap it is. We have a roadmap and, in the future, we'll create a magic button to run ads automatically. Until then, we have prepared a short three-step 'how-to' for beginners: HOW IT WORKS 1) Shorten Add a tracker ID of your ad networks like Facebook/Adwords (just once) and, then, shorten links using as usual. 2) Share Share links on social networks and watch real-time analytics on the Shorby dashboard. 3) Run Log into your Facebook/Adwords account, specify an audience for retargeting (people who clicked on your short link), and run a profitable retargeting campaign. ANY FEEDBACK 🙏 We’re really excited to show off SHORBY and would love to hear your feedback! We will be around all day to answer questions. We’ve also prepared a 30% off lifetime special to all of the PH community! A special perk for all our plans is available here: Go to Use the code: PRODUCTHUNT30
Tim Mironov
Tim Mironov@tim_mironov
Looks like really useful tool. Just now (for playing) it takes only 3min to setup pixel on FB, short link by Shorby, post it to our corporate chat and get audience for retargeting. I will promote our friday's pizza party at insta. )) You have a good product guys! Good luck!
GregMaker@grigory_dernov · Supercharge Your Instagram Bio
@tim_mironov great 👍 to promote your party you can also share any links, articles or content on Whatsapp, Slack or Facebook Messenger using and then track everybody who clicked on your link 🚀
Patrick Robinson
Patrick Robinson@patrick_robinson · I help teams build apps at Deloitte
This is super smart. Will it work if I take the Shorby url and make it a Bitly? Also, when going to the site on mobile, the giant intercom Product Hunt message doesn’t allow a minimize on iPhone 8+.
GregMaker@grigory_dernov · Supercharge Your Instagram Bio
thanks a lot @patrick_robinson it's a really simple tool with jet turbine inside 🚀 You can use bitly & shorby links at the same time!
Tarcisious Kuateii Rasegojwa
Tarcisious Kuateii Rasegojwa@tarcisious_ruateii_rasegojwa · Grand Designs
@patrick_robinson @grigory_dernov how exactly? shorten the shorby link on bitly or vice versa. how does it work
GregMaker@grigory_dernov · Supercharge Your Instagram Bio
@bitly @chrismessina @dimitrikrechetov @sergeymishin @elizabethhunker not really! SHORBY is not just a link shortener with analytics. it allows to retarget anyone who clicked on any link you share. it's simple and it's much more cheaper.