Merchants app to manage all commerce platforms from anywhere



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Adeel AhmadMaker@_adeel · Founder, Shopseen
Hi everyone! I'm the founder of Shopseen. The story behind Shopseen starts with a vintage shop I helped a friend a few years ago in the Tenderloin neighborhood of SF. It's called 'Vacation' and sells clothes, records, and has bands play secret shows in the basement. We quickly realized we needed a tool to push products onto multiple platforms (online, POS, and social), manage inventory, orders, and even print shipping labels. Being a nerd I decided to build it since nothing was doing all this from one place. The new mobile app is something we're especially pumped about because more and more of a merchant's time is being spent on their phones or tablets (Square and social selling). Mobile commerce has taken off for consumers but mobile tools for merchants are way behind. There are big plans for the mobile direction of Shopseen you'll see coming through the rest of the year. And 500 Startups was awesome. Especially for a space as tough as SMB, it really helped open doors to some of our current partners, like Square, and our fellow 500'ers Shippo. So Shopseen was developed quite literally in a basement of the Tenderloin before spinning out into a tool for businesses around the world. I'm especially proud of this considering the current climate in SF where different dimensions of the city are often pitted against each other.
Ben Tossell@bentossell · newCo
Hey @_adeel can you tell us the story behind Shopseen? How was the @500startups experience?
Adeel AhmadMaker@_adeel · Founder, Shopseen
Hi @bentossell! Thanks for the PH feature. I wrote a bit about the Shopseen story below!
Marcus Karoumi@mkaroumi · Marketing @
Does it work with Tictail? Can't find it there! 😔
Adeel AhmadMaker@_adeel · Founder, Shopseen
@mkaroumi hey! No Tictail integration yet but it's definitely on the roadmap. Love that platform.
Marcus Karoumi@mkaroumi · Marketing @
@_adeel @mkaroumi Great. Looking forward to that! :)
Alex Miller@fotoflo
Looks great. So I can use this to manage Etsy and Shopify in one place????????!!!
Adeel AhmadMaker@_adeel · Founder, Shopseen
@fotoflo yes! You can easily create listings on both from Shopseen, and we'll update inventory when something sells on either.
Daria Shualy@daria_shualy
Hi @_adeel Congrats. This looks like it answers a real pain. Question: Is it possible to handle all this for multiple SMBs from one phone?
Adeel AhmadMaker@_adeel · Founder, Shopseen
@darshu great question - right now using the app is tied to one SMB. However we hear a lot from people that manage multiple SMBs so we're working on a way to easily switch accounts.