Automatically get order notifications & summaries in Slack

Get updates about orders sent directly to Slack and save time on reporting. Shoppy is the only Shopify+Slack app that includes discount, tags, and UTM tracking in your notifications!

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Hi everyone - I've used Slack for about 3 years at my last two jobs including my current one where we use Shopify for ecommerce. Every since I started using Shopify, I've always wanted a Shopify app that sent order notifications for new, refunded, and fulfilled orders to Slack but I also wanted this app to include fields like discount codes used, tags, and UTM tracking for the order so I know what's working and what's not. I tried every app I could find, and nothing had this level of tracking in their Slack notifications. So, I decided to learn to code and make an app myself. Shoppy connects your Shopify store with Slack so you can receive important order notifications and summaries directly in Slack, reducing the amount of time you spend pulling order data and giving you more time to focus on growing your store. And, because I wanted to solve my own problem, Shoppy is the only app that includes discount codes used, tags, and Google Analytics/UTM associated with our orders. You can also upgrade to receive daily, weekly, and monthly summaries that include order counts and revenue for that date range. For those of you who use Shopify for ecommerce and Slack for communication, I hope Shoppy makes your lives a little easier! And, if you have any feedback or other Shopify app ideas, I'd love to hear them!
Love the reason behind. I will use it for sure. Btw, what is does . Trying to look into it but seems the page not found
@kimmychen Threadbase lets you make a Reddit-style community (think Hacker News or Product Hunt) without writing any code. It's still in alpha though so I haven't shared it to Product Hunt yet, but if you're interested, you can check it out her: