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Shoppingo is a mobile app & Chrome Extension which helps buyers find the best prices, offers, delivery times, and cashbacks on products while shopping online!

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As a kid who grew up on TVO I really appreciate the name of the product here lol
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Pingu aims to transform every online shopper's decision-making experience. Instead of comparing prices on various sites, this extension provides you with a clean user interface which doesn't interfere with the product pages on various e-commerce websites. Supporting deals/offers/faster delivery times from multiple websites in the same window, it makes shopping hassle free!
@madebytushar loved this product. quick question -> Does this work only in India? Feedback: Browser icon is not needed actually and sometimes it redirects to the same page if any ecommerce option is selected.
@rahulkapoor90 Yes, we only support India for now! But integration for major internal e-commerce stores is in the works. About the redirecting bit, it might be leading you to a better price on the same website as well? If not, feedback has been noted and know that I'm working on this every day. :D