Shopping Helper

Chrome extension for price comparison.

Shopping Helper is a extension for your browser that helps you browse and compare prices of products from various online shops. Just select the desired product, run the extension and in sidebar find what you are looking for. FIND THE RIGHT PRICE!
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Seems like a very useful app.Would like to use this tool
The main idea was to create a price comparison that does not require any further search. The basic idea was to make something easy to use, which this extension is. It is activated by selecting the product name on any page, clicking the right click and then opening the sidebar where you will find the product with the prices on other web sites in your country. Simply find cheaper option, only with your right click.
@makibaraba Good job, I'll try it for my next purchase.
Sorry, this product doesn't work
@gal_rotem Hello, what is the problem with extension? Does it opening the sidebar?
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