Import any web image to design outfits

ShopLook allows users to create designs using a selection of buyable products and images. Shoppers can follow their favorite designers and shop items that get them excited. By bringing together content, community and commerce in a natural way, we offer an intelligent and personalized shopping experience for anyone looking to feel their best.

Hey @laya, This is really neat and I see it being very useful. Is the most common use case for remembering all of the great outfits you actually have in your closet?
@jacqvon This is less about what you have in your closet but more about what your dream closet would look like. Outfit designers can create any looks from a selection of millions of products available across the web today. The idea is that by giving a platform to those who do this because they enjoy it, we can create a one of a kind shopping experience that is curated by a community enthusiastic about fashion.