Analyticals displayed in a social-media like feed

Simple and effective performance-boosting app that empowers small and mid-size companies and reduces time spent on data analysis
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πŸ‘‹ Hey hunters! I'm happy to launch my first product on Product Hunt. While I was working for a very successful e-commerce company, I discovered that even for well-trained marketing, analytics specialists it was hard to acquire crucial e-commerce metrics. It's even harder for those who have just created their online store. I know that sometimes the only ones who are actually enjoying analytics dashboards are the ones who are creating them (not actual users). So, I wanted to create a product which wraps the knowledge used by large companies into something that could be easy-to-understand for everyone. Shopins was born - analytical infographics displayed in a social-media like feed. Currently, it works with Shopify & WooCommerce & Sellfy platforms. Let me know if you have any feedback/questions!