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Hello Hunters, Dave here (ShopGenius Co Founder) So what you are seeing is our B2C app, which obviously does price comparisons for you so you don't have to leave the webpage you are looking at. What you don't see on the surface is the B2B side of things behind the scenes. This is where we let merchants dynamically alter their prices in realtime based on how they rank in the price comparison. For example, lets say one of our users is on e-commerce site "A", we might bring up 10 other merchants who also sell that product. Merchant "B" might be the most expensive vendor overpriced by $X. We have the ability in real-time to say to Merchant "B" hey... this user has never purchased from you before (some of our secret sauce on how we can tell this) so you should lower the price of this product to this 1 particular user and gain them as a new customer. Lets say they need to drop their price by $Y to beat Merchant A. We display this lower price and also generate a one time, one user coupon code and give it to the user...bang....our user gets a great price that they could only find by using ShopGenius and Merchant "B" just acquired a new user at a very reasonable cost. We feel just as real time bidding changed the face of Ad Tech, dynamically altered prices via a platform such as ours is a novel idea for merchants and is similar in potential. Thanks for the hunt and the feedback. PS- 1 patent already issued and 1 pending.
Also if you want to waste some time and have mindless fun...go to our team page and mouse over our faces.
I'm a big fan of Honey, a chrome extension that automatically searches and tries various coupon codes on sites like GoDaddy and Expedia. cc @ketau
@rrhoover Thanks Ryan! (also confirming PH alerts are working as expected)
Great product, been around for a while now, not too new but still great its finally hunted