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@antonia989 what's interesting is that you take mostly the brands approach - people can follow companies they care about and what products they're recommending, as opposed to PH which is focused on individuals engaging with each other. Both models can work well.
How did this not exist before?! IT IS SO ADDICTIVE!!!!!! This product is amazing and completely necessary to every day life, especially with holiday shopping. I'm so impressed with the easy-to-use structure, and the way that Shopfeed compiles shoppable lists into easily organized categories - it's an entirely new way of mobile shopping that is so beyond needed.
Great product for mobile shopping! Shopffed is a great alternitve to the clutter and massive choice paralysis of shopping on the internet. It features curated content from gerat publishers and native content lists which are interesting to read as well as shop.
We streamline product discovery, sourcing lists from the best of the web in style, home, tech, entertainment, and more. It simplifies shopping, too; with a few taps, you can be the proud owner of Beyonce's Labor Day weekend look. TechCrunch called us the "Buzzfeed for shopping". You follow your favorite tastemakers (anyone from Vogue to Mashable to Buzzfeed), and the result is a personalized and shoppable stream of trending products mentioned across the web.