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Shoperr makes it super easy for you to share your product choices with your online community. Create a personalized shop, easily share your expertise and product recommendations! No technical knowledge is required, become an online seller within minutes.
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Hey Hunters! My name is Aviram, one of the founders at Shoperr. So excited to finally launch on Product Hunt and share Shoperr, the result of our team's concentrated effort (blood, sweat and tears) from the past year. We are looking forward to see you create some beautiful shops! Our special launch-offer, sign-up here to get 20% higher commissions for the first 3 months. If you find anything you like from Glasshole Kitty’s Tech Shop, all revenue is donated to one of our favorite pet charities, Best Friends Animal Society! Once you've signed up, you can access the referral link in your dashboard to share with your friends & peers. If they sign up through your link you can earn 5% of their earnings as well, which we will match! The Shoperr team is here to answer all of your questions and guide you all the way.
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Looks a like a great product so far. My questions are. 1. How do you deal with returns refunds and other order related problems in eCom? 2. Does the eventual buyer know the original source where they bought it from? I mean is there a way to whitelabel? 3. I noticed your website has a Pixel Installed so all the customers that an influencer brings in do they get to retarget if so who gets the cut?
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@yash Thanks for the feedback To answer your questions: 1. Every product you sell is linked to actual retailer site so refund in based on each retailer’s policy independently. Depends on where the buyer purchases from 2. Yes, a buyer clicks on a product from your site and then is directed to the specific retailers site - no white labels on Shoperr 3. At the moment we are helping the Shoperr users to drive their retargeting from our own account (if needed..) and we don’t have user 3rd party pixels installed. We are working on this feature for future release. The influencer gets the cut. In general, the compensation from each sale is based on affiliate/referral deals and we work with a variety of retailers and try to get Shoperr creators the best deals and highest commissions out there!
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@roey_barkan1 thanks for taking the time to write this, deeply appreciate the hustle!
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Very cool but how is this any different than Further, how does Shoperr make money?
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@jesselakes Shoperr is similar in terms of allowing users to get paid on a commission basis (affiliate deals), but Shoperr has a stronger emphasis on the actual product recommendations. We want our users to really speak out about the product they use, rather than showcasing their personal profiles. It’s all about the recommendation experience. Aside from design/customization features, along with a unique retailer feed, the greatest benefit is the speed at which you can create a shop. Much easier to get your shop live and published! Our platform is free and there is no limit to the amount of shops you can create - as per payment, we work on revenue share but give the vast majority % goes to the shop owner. Today we have a special offer where you get nearly %100 of commissions for the next 3 months, signing up from PH! Stay tuned more features and things to come. We really look up to you guys Geniuslink
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@roey_barkan1 Awesome! Good luck and let us know if we can help in any way.
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Looking good! Can I sell digital products on it?
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@shepovalovdenis Thanks for the feedback. For sure, you can sell any digital products available in any one of our retailers (Amazon, Ebay etc.) There will be more options for digital products in our next product update. Any that you recommend?
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Amazing product, beast money maker for influencers!
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