Cart recovery messages via FB Messenger

Convert website visitors to Subscribers via Opt-in prompt. Send personalized Cart/Browse Abandonment messages. Segment subscribers based on website activity. Send blast messages to all subscribers or a segment. Add Intelligent Interactions (Similar/Trending Products, New Arrivals etc.)

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Hi team! Tell us about ShopBot. What are the best /unique features we should be checking out?
@ems_hodge Thank you for reaching out to us Emily! ShopBot aims to empower every e-commerce website grow a highly engaged and responsive audience on the ubiquitous FB Messenger platform. Towards this end, we are starting out with these unique features available today & more features coming soon :) 1. A seamless, low friction opt-in process: Start growing your audience with a 1 click opt-in process designed to provide a seamless experience to your visitors and also deliver high opt-in rates. 2. AI-powered hyper-personalization: Start recovering lost sales with automated cart drop off and browse drop off messages that personalized for each user to reflect the experience they had on your website. With each message you have an option to provide a richer experience to your users with Intelligent Interactions that surface Similar Products, Trending Products, New Arrivals, Products in Wishlist and other relevant predictive content. Our AI engine for Intelligent Interactions takes in a variety of signals including the real time activity of the user on your website, your CRM data etc to ensure that every user sees a message that is relevant and engaging. 3. Better Marketing with Segmentation: Hook your users and bring them back to your website by communicating offers, discounts and more. Want to send an offer to users who are interested in a particular brand? Just create a segment based on your users' activity on your website in 2 simple steps with ShopBot Segmentation Engine. Better Messages = More Revenue 4. Catalog Discovery right within Messenger: In addition to all these features, ShopBot also empowers you to showcase your product catalog right within FB Messenger. Just provide us your Google Product Feed URL and you are all set - no coding or pesky conversation flows required. Looking forward to hear what you think of ShopBot
@manojchiriki it sounds great. Would love to test it out when I build my e-com site
This entire product relies on the user opting in to getting notifications via Messenger though? How have optimized the conversion funnel such that once I put something in my cart and bail, I'm not annoyed at getting pinged about that thing I decided I really didn't want after all? Is the Messenger bot connected to my business's page, or yours?
@chrismessina our opt-in prompt is a simple & organic way for your website visitors to discover your bot. Sending cart recovery messages is just one of the many capabilities of ShopBot. In order to increase engagement and conversion rate, the messages are fully personalized for each user who opts in. You can get a first hand experience of the personalization at With each message, you can add Intelligent Interactions to enable your users to discover similar/recommended products. Our built-in AI engine takes the user's website activity to suggest these products. More details at The Messenger bot is connected to your FB page.
@sbansi got it, mostly. Can you get an implicit opt-in to receive FB Bot messages from the user simply pushing an "add to cart" button, or must they separately opt-in to receive those messages? (i.e. using the checkbox plugin)
@chrismessina we can do either. For example, our demo at gets an implicit opt-in, instead of a pop-up. In both the scenarios, we use the checkbox plugin. An implicit opt-in would result in higher subscribers. However, we let our customers take this call.

ShopBot is for For Ecommerce & Related Cos-

About ShopBot's capabilities

Just like Ecommerce companies have built a huge Email Subscriber base over the years, you can now build a Messenger Subscriber base for a lifetime.

Subscription -

A simple 1-click opt-in prompt can be shown to website visitors. Once they click on it, they turn into Messenger Subscribers.

Sending them Messages

You can send all sorts of messages to a Messenger subscriber. Like

- Order updates

- Cart/Browse Drop offs

- Promotional messages


- Get a subscriber base on Messenger for a lifetime

- Grow revenue with Cart/browse abandon messages


Ecom Websites- Create a lifelong Messenger Subscriber base, send them all sorts of marketing messages like cart/browse drops at Zero cost



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