Shop Updates by Etsy

Shoppable photos to reach buyers on social and on Etsy

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When we asked the 1.5M sellers on Etsy what their biggest challenges were, marketing and promoting their shop was on the top of the list. With Shop Updates, they can take photos of works-in-progress, inspiration, and other things going on with their shop, tag that photo with an item from their shop, and easily share to social media. What's really cool is that buyers using the Etsy shopping app will also see a personalized feed updates on their homescreen from Etsy sellers they’ve interacted with through favoriting or purchasing. Really lucky to work with @tokyohanna and @nickeyskarstad on building this!
@jasonshen this seems tailor made for Twitter (and others') buy-button integration. Is that in the works?
Love the experience as buyer on Etsy. Keep up your good work :)
Got my vote guys and gals. Loves the Etsy me and great new addition. Thank you!!!
Jeez, this seems like a perfect addition. My wife's shop sells invites in a bunch of different varieties (along with custom orders), and this seems like a perfect way to showcase the options individual brides ends up with. Here's her first update, if anyone wants to see a live sample in action: Followup question: any plan to allow updates *not* linked to a specific product? She had some process stuff to share (lots of watercolor rounds) but it was for a custom gig, and the Sell On Etsy app wouldn't allow the post without a specific product tag. Otherwise this is looking really great!
@clarklab Glad you like it Clark! We've definitely heard feedback that some Etsy sellers want to be able to tag other things, like shop home or a shop section. Etsy has very active forums and sellers weigh in: Right now we're weighing that kind of feedback against some of the V2 features that we'd like to put release so for now I'd suggest your wife tag something relevant / related to the update even if the photo itself is of something custom. Hope that helps!
@jasonshen awesome, I'll share that her way, along with the forum link. Glad to see the feature posted here! For once I knew something about Etsy before my wife!