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Chris MessinaHunter@chrismessina · Product designer & entrepreneur
Pretty clever, simple idea: "SMS exclusive. We text you 1 awesome thing, just once a week, you reply 'Yes' to buy it. Curated for you, all made in America, all starts under $20. Coffee pods roasted in Bozeman, Montana, bourbon cherries from Charleston, men's soap distilled in Maine, jewelry from Austin, 200+ micro brands in food, fashion, skincare and coffee. It's like your friend who was traveling saw something you'd love and texted you a pic — we're that friend."
Kate Myers
Kate MyersMaker@kate_myers · Founder / Shop Or Not /
Hey Product Hunters, I'm Kate, the founder of Shop Or Not. We created Shop Or Not because we were super excited about the idea of texting with someone about cool products, just like we text with our friends when we find great stuff. There are so many incredible items out there from indie makers and we wanted to see more of it, directly and personally. We've all been traveling, seen something awesome and texted our friend a pic of it. We wanted to build that experience, replicate that intimacy. So we created Shop Or Not. Shop Or Not texts you one new item, once a week. You just reply 'Yes' to buy it. Micro brands in food, design, fashion, grooming, and of course, coffee, from all over the US. To sign up, add your number at or simply text 347-482-0881. Pick what you want to get a text about, and you're all set. You'll see us a few times a week, or just once. If something looks awesome and you want to buy, just reply 'Yes' and we'll send it right to your door. We get to know you over text, so tell us what you like, don't like, or just say hi anytime. We curate items for you, and even use your area code to send you local things you'll enjoy. We're supporting the maker movement by working with small batch creators in nearly all 50 states and we hope you discover new things you love in the text. Would love to hear your feedback.
joshua bradley
joshua bradley@airjoshb · Passionate about making life better
@kate_myers how can someone suggest things to add?
Kate Myers
Kate MyersMaker@kate_myers · Founder / Shop Or Not /
@airjoshb We love that, you can text us anytime with recs. Especially if they're from your hometown, or somewhere local you love. Just shoot us a text about it.
Sarah Moret
Sarah Moret@thats_a_moret · Associate @ CrossCut Ventures
Obsessed with Shop Or Not! Best way to discover new products!
Shop Or Not
Shop Or Not@shop_or_not · The weekly text you shop.
At Message
At Message@atatatmssg
Where do you get the products?
Kate Myers
Kate MyersMaker@kate_myers · Founder / Shop Or Not /
@atatatmssg We hunt for local favorites, i.e. super popular champagne marshmallows made in Florida, that no one's heard about outside the region. Sweet spot, literally sometimes, of awesome local stuff that just hasn't been discovered yet. Super committed to makers all over.