Shop Enhancer

24/7 support & unlimited small jobs for Shopify store owners

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Shopify is basically becoming a mini-amazon. Anything that can help the sellers run their stores is a big bonus.
@pjwilkinson Thanks Philip! Yes, Shopify is growing fast and we are looking to make it easier and affordable for sellers to run their stores.
The first thing that immediately stood out to be about this product is its very narrow focus. I love it. You can always grow your business' scope into something much larger later. I love seeing people be laser-focused on a very narrow niche to start. I would totally use this and I'm software engineer! Sometimes it's not about whether you are capable of doing the job, but whether you have other priorities. As a shop owner, you just have other shit to do. Excited to see if this takes off!
@theericanderson Thanks Eric! Agreed on being focused on a narrow niche to start. Being able to focus on a narrow niche can bring a lot of benefits, especially when you are just starting out. You're right, we're here to let shop owners do other more important things for their business :)
Love the black & white design. Something different in a world full of complexity.
@oemerax Thanks Ömer! We're big on keeping things as simple and friendly as possible. It's great to know that you like it! :)
Pricing page, Enterprise Plan, an extra 'e' in Freee .... unless you were trying to emphasize that! Cool product.
@JeremyZ123 Thanks for the heads up! Just corrected that. Stoked that we are getting so much appreciation! Thanks! :)
I know Abinav first hand. He is a polite and trustworthy guy. If you need Shopify help, do check these guys out!
@tjmapes Thanks! Really appreciate such kind words! :)