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Philip Wilkinson@pjwilkinson · Entrepreneur
Shopify is basically becoming a mini-amazon. Anything that can help the sellers run their stores is a big bonus.
Abinav ThakuriMaker@abinav_t · Happiness Developer @
@pjwilkinson Thanks Philip! Yes, Shopify is growing fast and we are looking to make it easier and affordable for sellers to run their stores.
Eric Anderson@theericanderson · Director of Web Engineering at Keen IO
The first thing that immediately stood out to be about this product is its very narrow focus. I love it. You can always grow your business' scope into something much larger later. I love seeing people be laser-focused on a very narrow niche to start. I would totally use this and I'm software engineer! Sometimes it's not about whether you are capable of doing the job, but whether you have other priorities. As a shop owner, you just have other shit to do. Excited to see if this takes off!
Abinav ThakuriMaker@abinav_t · Happiness Developer @
@theericanderson Thanks Eric! Agreed on being focused on a narrow niche to start. Being able to focus on a narrow niche can bring a lot of benefits, especially when you are just starting out. You're right, we're here to let shop owners do other more important things for their business :)
Ömer Akyürek@oemerax · Co-Founder & CEO of Bynd
Love the black & white design. Something different in a world full of complexity.
Abinav ThakuriMaker@abinav_t · Happiness Developer @
@oemerax Thanks Ömer! We're big on keeping things as simple and friendly as possible. It's great to know that you like it! :)
Jeremy Zykorie@jeremyz123
Pricing page, Enterprise Plan, an extra 'e' in Freee .... unless you were trying to emphasize that! Cool product.
Abinav ThakuriMaker@abinav_t · Happiness Developer @
@JeremyZ123 Thanks for the heads up! Just corrected that. Stoked that we are getting so much appreciation! Thanks! :)
tj mapes@tjmapes · CTO, Founder @ RIPT Apparel
I know Abinav first hand. He is a polite and trustworthy guy. If you need Shopify help, do check these guys out!
Abinav ThakuriMaker@abinav_t · Happiness Developer @
@tjmapes Thanks! Really appreciate such kind words! :)