Casey Neistat just announced his official merchandise store starting with a line of tees and hoodies and more that are coming soon!

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I now get why he sold to CNN. His only goal is to one day become CEO of CNN and rename it Casey Neistat Network.
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What I really want are some rugged @caseyneistat sunglasses 😎:
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@caseyneistat @rrhoover That's what I was thinking! 😎
@caseyneistat @rrhoover Want mine? (photo -> ) I made them for Halloween last year 😏
Expected a bit more, that CN logo is a bit easy. I like Casey Neistat though.
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Casey, please just make videos ONLY!
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Not trying to be a negative nancy but, this merch isn't to good. Or at least it's not what I expected him to make. The CN logo is underwhelming and the "Work Harder" on the back is a bit cringy. I think his merch can/will sell but it should be better than this.
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