Shop and sell textbooks via Messenger πŸ“–

Shooq is a conversational commerce startup which provides a Facebook Messenger chatbot (Arti).

Arti is your textbook shopping assistant. Message Arti on Facebook Messenger to find the best prices on textbooks, whether you're trying to buy, rent, or sell. Additionally, couriers will come pick-up any books you sell.

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Hey Product Hunt, My name is Neiv, and I'm the founder at Shooq. At Shooq, we were frustrated with the expensive cost of textbooks, as well as the time consuming nature of finding affordable books and selling used books. With that driving force, we're on a mission to save students money on textbooks, so they can use those savings to pay for their education or other dreams they may have! With that mission, we created Arti, your textbook shopping and selling assistant (currently in beta). Arti will help you find the best prices on textbooks across many merchants, such as Amazon and ValoreBooks. Additionally, all books that you sell are picked up by couriers, which provides a very convenient and stress-free experience. If you have feedback, it's greatly appreciated and welcome! Message the word 'Feedback' in Facebook Messenger to submit feedback or please comment here on Product Hunt. Thanks, and I hope you enjoy Arti. Best regards, Neiv
Nice! Can you tell more please?
@dailius_j Yes, definitely! Please let me know what questions you have, and I'll be happy to answer them. Also, here is an overview of some features: πŸ€– Arti, our chatbot, will help you Buy, Sell, and Rent books on Facebook Messenger. πŸ“š Find the cheapest books to buy and rent from top booksellers across the web. πŸ’° Receive top dollar for selling your used books. πŸš› A courier will pickup books that you sell. πŸ’Έ Receive super fast payouts through Venmo or PayPal for your sold books.