The ultimate bicycle bell with display and theft alert.

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Hello Everyone! We have been making some big moves recently. There has been so much news, in fact, that we’ve decided that it warranted a full-blown intro! So here it is. Expect to see more of these going forward. We also recently unveiled some of the first design mockups for the bell. After much debate amongst the design team, we’re going to be incorporating a multi-functional and fully-programmable joystick. It will physically operate much the same as a standard bell lever, but with added side-to-side responsiveness, the joystick will allow for menu browsing and preset availability at the flick of a thumb. There will be more news and an in-depth look at the user interface in the very near future. With the upcoming Kickstarter campaign in Autumn, we’re making a big push to get the word out about Shoka with friends, family and excited supporters before the official funding cycle begins. So if you have ever considered the notion of spreading the word about Shoka on social media, now would be a great time to make the leap! This is crucial time for us to build momentum and every little bit helps. We’re always looking for new tips, suggestions, and ideas about how to pursue this project. Every new set of eyeballs may be the ones that help us shape a tool that truly reshapes the way we think about urban cycling. So tell a friend! All the bests, Daniel