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🎉 Hello 😸Product Hunt . This idea come to me when I saw how my girlfriend wasting time on finding things in which she fall in love in her instagram feed or somewhere in internet. She spent hours of searching but it didn't bring any results. I start to think that I was also faced with the same problem when I was trying to find table to our apartment. Some things on Pinterest were nice, but it was impossible to find them at local shops. Also it was very hard to find small manufacturers who can make it for the order. I have decided that's not very good to waste time on spending money. That's why we make ShoHosh . It's like Wishlist on steroids. You post what you want - 👔Business and your 🐱followers get 🚨notification and make the best offer. 💡TL;DR: 👥You post what you want to buy or rent 👩‍💼Business and your🐱followers get notifications and make best offer for you ⏳It saves time and 💰money for people who can't or don't want spend time for buying things which they want. 👀Also this is a chance to earn money for anyone who can make best offer based on client's need. 👻Few more things: 1. You can follow your friends to know what they want to buy or rent. Maybe you can help them:) 2. We have Telegram Bot . You can add items to your wishlist directly from your 🤳messenger.
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@alexwawl I love this concept only because I am currently working on the same model, but for the travel industry ;)
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@alexwawl @pablovincy Good luck with launch. Hope it will work for you 🙌
I like it, I had this idea some time ago and wanted to launch it at - but you know how these things can go ;-) Hope you can pull this off, the problem is to arrive at a certain scale where it becomes interesting for suppliers to actually start spending time on prospects. A good partner with a large reach might be essential.
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@greenwebfound Thank you. We hope that we can resolve this problem. I don't want spent my time for searching product and then spend my money. I just want to say what I want and business should propose me:)
Amazing idea! I have an idea, which would be to collaborate with creatives. So that if a a buyer makes something that's not available, the community make it...Scale is also an issue - in order to get there, I thing you should look at - the reason they were good is their products ALWAYS REMAINED COOL
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🤯Here is new feature idea: You can create different types of wishlists: private, public, wedding, birthday, design and etc. Then you can add item to any of them. It will be useful for you to sort items. And it will be useful for us to find best sellers / makers for you. What do you think? @greenwebfound
@alexwawl I think one of the best models on the market is CraigsList. But THE best model is the one that inspires you to take action! ;-)
@alexwawl The concept is great though, my wife once spent some time in BC and bought a jigsaw puzzle, very old. There are more in that series she would love to buy (market value USD 1) but we're in the NL's, will post a picture of them on your site, who knows! ;-) The internet is in love with the obscure ;-)
@greenwebfound We will translate our product soon and add more currencies😉. Also we will try to make our project more beautiful and easy to use.🦄 We have 🤖 telegram bot to simulate mobile users. But anyway thank you for your feedback I'll try to make it more useful for you.🙌