A back to the basics CSS starter kit.

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Cory LaViska
Cory LaViskaMaker@claviska · A Beautiful Site, LLC
I created Shoelace.css as a lightweight alternative to Bootstrap (31KB vs 192KB). You don't need a preprocessor — just it to your page and start customizing things. It's the fastest way to start designing a new website or web app. Shoelace uses CSS custom properties (i.e. CSS variables) so you can fine tune every component to create a unique look with minimal effort. You can even load the entire thing from CDN and apply your customizations locally. Here's an demo to show you how it works: And there's lots more: Shoelace is free and open source. It's also available via CDN thanks to the folks at KeyCDN. 💙 I hope you enjoy using Shoelace.css, and don't forget to show me what you build with it!