Shoe Dog

A memoir by the creator of Nike

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Adam Martin
Adam Martin@tadammartin · Designer/Founder, Makers of Sport
Loved this book. So much I was unfamiliar with in regards to the founding of Blue Ribbon/Nike. Disappointed in the big time gap between the last two chapters though. Also, no mention of the legendary Tinker Hatfield or elaboration on the Jordan brand seems like a big oversight.
Hari Jeevakumar
Hari JeevakumarHunter@harijeevakumar
@tadammartin same, Adam. A phenomenal book on entrepreneurship and life. I appreciated how honest, open and self-deprecating Knight was when re-telling his story. It's crazy how many highs and lows Blue Ribbon/Nike experienced throughout it's founding. I loved how it reads like a fiction story, with so many colourful characters, intricate details and interesting dialogue included. And I agree on the poor pacing of the later chapters. It felt like Knight spent so much time hashing out the origin of Blue Ribbon/Nike, that by the time he reached the last quarter of the book, he was exhausted from the writing process.
Andrew Ettinger
Andrew EttingerPro@ettinger · 👟 @wearAtoms // ex @Twitter @ProductHunt
"This memoir, by the co-founder of Nike, is a refreshingly honest reminder of what the path to business success really looks like: messy, precarious, and riddled with mistakes. I’ve met Knight a few times over the years. He’s super nice, but he’s also quiet and difficult to get to know. Here Knight opens up in a way few CEOs are willing to do. I don’t think Knight sets out to teach the reader anything. Instead, he accomplishes something better. He tells his story as honestly as he can. It’s an amazing tale." -Bill Gates