Shocking Santa Stickers

Santa & friends partying and going crazy. Santa gone bad!

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Hi everyone, With Shocking Santa we tried to do something different from the usual “Christmassy” stuff, and we would LOVE to hear your feedback! If you have any funny ideas of situations or things that could happen to Santa, please comment below. We might just create a cool animated sticker from your idea! And feel free to grab a promo code, using one of the 50 codes below will unlock every single sticker: HYXJN79JFE3Y AM4RTWKYARX4 FRHFJYFJE6AE 9JKE7FR9FWK3 6J3NPR446HNA TXJ6P9EAPN33 L6H7MN4344ET KYP7WAWMFEJF KPEAYRL94FKP 9MP3JLHMEF7W P7HLPKFEKTN4 3A4N6XAYTKAH L944NKX96H97 44W77H7EHKEE 9XR7NYNAHXAP FM9XMYNKL3XJ FWJRAFXLKRAT MYMNTHYRJ7NY JKEYE9EYA37F NN7NXAWFA9E3 6HP4HMMXJHJK 6M7T9FMN6AEA T4673T6XY7KN JJP9ERR3H6YP XRYF6RHHEXXA XPXYNNY3Y6WL X9FLWK9AXHHR TM7FHAWLLAF6 XNFK3EF3E6Y6 WT73YNPEFT46 N9FAHPRHXEJK KL6MKPH63NWX 9EWXAA6F4E7P PMFN4APNR97F 3WPWRXR6H4KA J4MPX6E3LT7P XRLNPFFXFPH7 EXT93XJT7FKX F4LPJLY66FLA PY3FNJLTH7LH 4E6YW6FM7NYL HHF3FANF4PF9 66RJFKX7EM3P XLKARPAAEJY3 WWTTX7FLWTFX XNPXYK946KXH AKHWANRJWK9T 6LLXWYRX4674 H7AMKART3HMR KTWPKHEW4MXW
Hi again, I got some questions how to use the promo code, so here it is: 1. Download the stickers pack 2. Go to the App Store, scroll down to the bottom and press the redeem button, paste the code and press redeem 3. Open the stickers pack in iMessage and press either restore purchase button or buy all stickers button. If you press buy all, just press cancel when the price appears and it will give you all the stickers First time for me as well trying to redeem an IAP, new thing from Apple 😎😜 Anyway, hope everyone gets it to work now, sorry for any inconvenience!
@jonas_johnsson I can't see the redeem option in App Store?
@ricardolonuk1 Hi Richard! Thanks for the interest in our sticker pack :) The redeem button is located on the bottom of the screen on the main page of your App Store app. The "featured" section, click the bottom left button that looks like a star to go there if you are in any other part of the store. Hope you enjoy the stickers!