Shitcoin Survivors

A fun, fast-paced crypto-themed card game: 2018 capitulation

If crypto market got you rekt in 2018, this is the game for you. Players take turn drawing a card from a draw pile. If you draw a Rekt card, you are eliminated from the game - last person standing is the shitcoin survivor! There are many other cards that can save you from getting rekt and get others to rekt before you do. Online game coming soon!

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This is hilarious - if only I had money left to buy 😂
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@wslyvh Oh come on! You team at buidl-explorer will love it. I'm sure they're survivors too 😂
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@wslyvh Proof-of-rekt and we will give special discount 😄
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This looks pretty awesome. Like the kinda thing the team can play at Ethereum conferences whilst crying because we all hodled too long.
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@streamr Exactly what we have in mind! We want to bring some fun to the party even when things get rough. Make sure you get a copy when we launch our crowdfunding campaign on Monday ;)
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Omg as exploding kittens is my favorite game im trying really hard to not empty wallet to this whole project. Cant wait to get my own.
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