Shitcoin Fantasy

Lose your house and your car... lose it all in crypto!

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Got what it takes to lose it all in crypto? Play Shitcoin Fantasy now and win..if you're the biggest loser.

  • Ahmet Ensar Baylar
    Ahmet Ensar BaylarFounder, Interactive Screen App

    It's fun as a joke


    This is just an April's fool product

    It could've been nice to actually aim for loosing.

    Ahmet Ensar Baylar has used this product for one day.
  • Gemini Carlos
    Gemini CarlosNope. Not doing anything.

    Free to play! Learn about what and how to trade. Cash prize at the end of the contest!


    No Cons. What?

    Wonderful app to learn all about crypto and shitcoins! You can easily learn how to chart and analyze the market. I love it.

    Gemini Carlos has used this product for one month.
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Tommy Chan
Tommy ChanMaker@tommytcchan · Crypto head - HODL all the way
Hi guys, just wanted to introduce our idea through a funny play on crypto on April Fools'. We're a Vancouver based app that is trying to make sure people don't trade crypto with real money until they know the risks. We've built a cryptocurrency simulation platform where users learn to trade cryptocurrencies risk free. Users start with $100,000 virtual USD, and make trades during the weekly contest period. At the end of the contest, the players with the most net worth will win actual crypto! We created to make fun of all the hype about people who supposedly got rich off crypto for April Fools'. Here at Altcoin Fantasy, we believe that people shouldn't lose real money until they know the risk involved with trading cryptocurrencies. We do have weekly contests and the top traders will win actual crypto. Check us out and tell if your friends if you find it helpful! Visit our funny site above first, then visit
Jim Zhou
Jim Zhou@jim_zhou · semi-professional bingoist
It would really take the cake if part of the game requires you to fill out virtual tax forms for your trades and score you based on it.
Tommy Chan
Tommy ChanMaker@tommytcchan · Crypto head - HODL all the way
Gitte Pedersen
Gitte Pedersen @gittepedersen1 · housekeeper
It is just game for waste time when wait on something.