Apparrel for makers who ship. πŸš€

Get your shirt before the shippening! πŸš€

$5 discount for Product Hunters going on right meow. 😸

First batch ships Thursday! πŸ‘•

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Totally reminds me of the dude from the Silicon Valley show. For that reason I love it.
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UGH... I hate that shirt... therefore I bought one. LUL
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@chuckreynolds Β Β  Β  😎 πŸ‘ThisπŸ‘ Β Β Β  Guy
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Hahahahhahaha yes!!! Love that you actually did this Corey :)
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@daviswbaer Haha Now just need to get you a Shirrt shirt for Can You Wear My Company's Shirt! πŸ˜‚
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Great job!! 😊 Would love collar shirts? Will check it out
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Phew @corey_gwin for a second I thought this was all about this shirt
@abadesi Haha t-shirrt shirrt. Coming soon. πŸ˜‹