Shirley is a SaaS influencer management tool that creates, manages, and analyzes influencer campaigns on Instagram. Check our maker comments for a Product Hunt exclusive!
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Hey Hunters! It's a great day to launch! Gian from Jumper Media here. ✌️ Three years ago, two friends and I had an idea to help businesses leverage their business Instagram accounts. Jumper Media was born in 2016 and since then we have successfully helped over 4000 businesses increase their following and build their brand awareness. Now, we are helping small businesses create, manage, and analyze their Instagram micro-influencer campaigns. Shirley automates your campaign in a few simple clicks. 🌱 Here are some of Shirley’s best features: * Compare Influencer Activity * Track Campaign Progress * Organized User Generated Content * Automated Post and Story Reminders * Shopify, Gmail, and Bitly Integrations * Does NOT cost you $1000s a month! We have open arms here at Shirley and invite you to check it out. We hope you enjoy using Shirley and would love to get some user experience feedback. 💰 P.S: We're so stoked to launch on Product Hunt, we're giving you a First Month for only $7. Select our 10 influencers/month plan and enter code "o45O7HGN" at checkout! 💰 A big THANKS to our Ship subscribers who voted for this deal!
Considering the hassle you're going through while managing multiple influencer campaigns for your clients and the reasonable pricing strategy it offers, it's definitely a must try tool. The cost of hiring an employee who'll manage multiple influencer campaigns manually VS the cost of hiring Shirley to automate the whole process and manage it effectively. It's a no-brainer!
@fotografiumcom Thanks for the comment, Ahmet! It's 2019 and influencer marketing has gone mainstream. Instagram is where people learn about new products, and micro-influencers are a growing commodity. We crafted Shirley with love to help small businesses spread their story, and our reasonable pricing strategy is a core part of that!
Hello Product Hunt! 🚀 As Shirley's product manager, I had a vision to help small businesses combat the headaches of working with influencers. So we developed Shirley to help execute effective Instagram micro-influencer campaigns. Our goal is to create a nurturing relationship between brands and their influencers while providing businesses with performance analytics to help make strategic decisions for the micro-influencer marketing campaigns. What's my favorite part about Shirley? That's a tough one, but I love that Shirley automatically saves Influencer's stories so you can download and repost them later. 😎 We love hearing your feedback and can answer any questions you have. Be sure to check out our special offer in honor of our launch! We’re reducing our price from $49/month to just $7 for your first month when you use the code "o45O7HGN" at checkout for our 10 influencer plan! Happy Hunting!
Hey Product Hunt, It’s 2019 and influencer marketing has gone mainstream. Three years ago, two friends and I had an idea to help businesses leverage their business Instagram accounts. Jumper Media was born in 2016 and since then we have successfully helped 4000 businesses tell their stories on Social Media. So, of course, we run influencer marketing campaigns. At least that’s what we said the first time someone asked. Then we tried it. First off, it took forever; we had to find influencers, reach out, negotiate, ship them products, check Instagram, check FedEx, remind them to post. Surely, there had to be an easier way. Like you, we searched for an efficient way to manage Instagram influencers at scale, but we struggled. None of the tools did what we needed, and they still cost thousands of dollars a month. So we built a little piece of software for ourselves, and little by little we kept improving it. Two years later, after countless requests from friends and clients, we are finally making it available to the public. We are serious, and we call it Shirley.
Pricing and automation alone makes this product a must-have for running influencer marketing campaigns.
@kian_quinlan1 At Jumper Media, we're passionate about helping small businesses tell their stories to the world. That's why we're offering so many great features at this unbelievable price point!