Shippo Package Tracking API

One API to track packages across multiple shipping carriers

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Hi PH! I’m Laura, founder of Shippo. We’ve been working with businesses over the last two years providing them instant access to multiple shipping carriers through one API, we’re really excited to be launching our second product today! Thanks for checking us out! We built this new Tracking API because we’ve noticed this swing in companies who are looking to use shipping information as a customer satisfaction tool. Customers want to stay updated about the whereabouts of their packages! The API was built to make that data as easily accessible as possible - meaning no signup required and free to access. Hope you guys like it! Would be happy to answer any questions here or at
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This looks like exactly what we need. We've been using a combination of AfterShip and a variety of 3rd party package/mailing apps (Shipstation, Endecia, Shiprush, etc) and haven't loved any of them. I'd heard of Shippo previously, but the webhook support for tracking really sweetens the deal. Our team will be strongly considering Shippo.
@spencernorman Thanks, excited to hear that! Please let us know if you need any sort of support.
@spencernorman Feel free to email me directly if you have any questions! I'm at
We've been using Shippo for the past few months at Sell It Easy and the entire Shippo team has just been awesome to work with. Definitely excited to give this a try soon as I know our customers would love it.
@brahnema Thanks Ben! You guys are the best :)
@brahnema Thanks for the kind words, really appreciate it :)
YES! So excited to finally see the API :D
Looks neat, might get around to building the tracking app for my Pebble I've been wanting to make for a while now. (this simplifies things a lot) For those of you without a tracking number to hand here's the output (pretty-printed) that corresponds to a recent package I received: