Shippo (API Update)

The easiest multi-carrier shipping API

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Hi @eriktorenberg! For everybody who doesn't know what Shippo is: we simplify shipping for e-commerce through our multi-carrier API & pass on shipping discounts. It's Amazon level logistics for all e-commerce merchants. This new API update is specifically designed to make shipping for marketplaces easier. It features a multi-account endpoint so that stores built on marketplaces can use their own shipping accounts and compare them against our discounted rates. This adds an additional comparison dimension to it: multi-carrier + multi-account. In general: we've been adding more shipping providers for more granular optimization and we've gotten even better shipping discounts!
This is fantastic! As an existing Shippo customer, we're excited to have an even better customer experience by leveraging this new tool. Awesome stuff Laura + team!
@rcaucci Much love from Shippo to you and the Pijon team <3
@eriktorenberg: forgot to address your question about Shyp! We're B2B instead of B2C. Our customers are e-commerce stores, marketplaces and platform providers. We're focused purely on tech, the relationships with the shipping providers & the optimization component through data. This means that we don't pick up any packages and so on. We're big Shyp fans, we share the mission of making shipping less of a pain in the butt!
Hi @blendahtom, great question! Some most significant differences: 1. We're focused on forming partnerships with the shipping providers in addition to the tech solution. This means that we have really good discounts with the USPS and also DHL Express + other providers. 2. We return USPS rates locally. This means, you get rates much faster than before because we don’t have to make a separate API call to USPS’ API to retrieve rates. This also eliminates down times. 3. With our discounts we help customers ship internationally by lowering their international shipping costs. --> key difference: agreements with providers for steep discounts to help our customers grow + lower costs
We've been testing this and its worked great so far
@kwcto Thanks for the endorsement! Let me know if there's anything we can do for you to help integrate :)