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Laura Behrens WuMaker@laurabehrenswu · Shippo
Hi @eriktorenberg! For everybody who doesn't know what Shippo is: we simplify shipping for e-commerce through our multi-carrier API & pass on shipping discounts. It's Amazon level logistics for all e-commerce merchants. This new API update is specifically designed to make shipping for marketplaces easier. It features a multi-account endpoint so that stores built on marketplaces can use their own shipping accounts and compare them against our discounted rates. This adds an additional comparison dimension to it: multi-carrier + multi-account. In general: we've been adding more shipping providers for more granular optimization and we've gotten even better shipping discounts!
Rob Caucci@rcaucci · CEO/co-founder at Arteria Network
This is fantastic! As an existing Shippo customer, we're excited to have an even better customer experience by leveraging this new tool. Awesome stuff Laura + team!
Laura Behrens WuMaker@laurabehrenswu · Shippo
@rcaucci Much love from Shippo to you and the Pijon team <3
Laura Behrens WuMaker@laurabehrenswu · Shippo
@eriktorenberg: forgot to address your question about Shyp! We're B2B instead of B2C. Our customers are e-commerce stores, marketplaces and platform providers. We're focused purely on tech, the relationships with the shipping providers & the optimization component through data. This means that we don't pick up any packages and so on. We're big Shyp fans, we share the mission of making shipping less of a pain in the butt!
Laura Behrens WuMaker@laurabehrenswu · Shippo
Hi @blendahtom, great question! Some most significant differences: 1. We're focused on forming partnerships with the shipping providers in addition to the tech solution. This means that we have really good discounts with the USPS and also DHL Express + other providers. 2. We return USPS rates locally. This means, you get rates much faster than before because we don’t have to make a separate API call to USPS’ API to retrieve rates. This also eliminates down times. 3. With our discounts we help customers ship internationally by lowering their international shipping costs. --> key difference: agreements with providers for steep discounts to help our customers grow + lower costs
Will Sahatdjian@kwcto · Co-Founder & CTO, Taxfyle
We've been testing this and its worked great so far
Laura Behrens WuMaker@laurabehrenswu · Shippo
@kwcto Thanks for the endorsement! Let me know if there's anything we can do for you to help integrate :)