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I really enjoy the logo. Design is nice but I gotta say you could be doing a better job of explaining : exactly what you do. Shipping made easy means what? Fulfillment integration, you print my labels for me? I don't need to print labels? This stuff should be on the homepage, not the buried on the feature page: "You can compare shipping rates, get shipping labels, validate addresses, create customs documents, request refunds and track your packages through the Shippo shipping app. We only charge $0.05 per shipping label." Anyway...
@shawnborsky thanks for the feedback! I see your point & we will work on that! @ZackShapiro haha, thanks, all credits go to my co-founder Laura. Shippo is an API that makes shipping cheap & easy for ecommerce stores. We make it easy by providing one software that connects with multiple different shipping providers and allows you to get shipping rates & labels. We make it cheap by aggregating the shipping volume of our customers and thus get better discounts that we can pass on to our customers again. Looking forward to any feedback or comments! :)
I think @LauraBehrensWu and @simonkreuz are on to something huge here, and while the product (API) isn’t really targeted at “consumers” I agree with @shawnborsky that there is a ton of value in making the offering extremely clear. Especially since more and more “consumers” are creating their own online stores.
@thomasknoll @laurabehrenswu @simonkreuz @shawnborsky I think that the real value of shippo is the API and how easy all these services are connected together. If you think about Square and Stripe, they both do basically the same thing, accept payments/make payments easier, but they do it in different ways. Square focuses on end users and improving that experience, while stripe focuses on the developer market and making their lives easier. Same goal, different paths, and those paths are their real value proposition. There are tons of competitiors that are being the "Square for Shipping". Shipstation is one of the best out there in my opinion. However, Shippo for me is really exciting because they are the best "stripe of shipping" basically making it easy for developers to add shipping functionality to their app. I recently discovered this service yesterday and am excited to start using it. Their website confused me a bit as to what they wanted me to do. If you look at Stripe's site, it is very clear that they help developers add payment functionality. They have the cURL code example on the homepage hero element I believe (or they used to anyway). But with Shippo, it took a lot of searching to figure out if it was just another shipstation like competitor of the stripe type version of it. Thankfully the world needs to make these shipping/tracking/labels easier to work with so they are in a great place and I am going to start using them for my ecommerce projects. I would just suggest that it be brought up to the central focus of the app. The fact that I can log into the dashboard and do a few things from the dashboard is honestly a "nice to have", but I could really care less since the focus is on the API.
@thomasknoll @laurabehrenswu @simonkreuz @shawnborsky I should mark my comment, when a friend linked this site to me, they must have linked me to an internal page because now looking at the homepage it is pretty clear and they do have a cURL example on their homepage like I suggested... well thats embarrassing :) Good work Shippo. A friend suggested I use this and linked me to the features page I think and so I was slightly more confused :)
Exactly what @rrhoover was pointing out on reddit today: http://www.reddit.com/r/technolo... regarding the simplicity of product descriptions