Shop from 10 countries that don't ship to your country.

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Ahat Pehlivantürk
@nazimahat · Co-Founder at Shippn.com
Hello hunters! We are excited to launch Shippn, a marketplace for all you shopping addicts! :) Co-founder here. We created Shippn because we thought shopping online from any country shouldn't be that hard in our time. With Shippn, you can shop for anything from any country like a local person, using Shippn host's address. We are very picky about choosing… See more
Onur Koyuncu
@onurkoyuncu · Project Manager, Revolvia
Great product! But what about customs? Can I declare the value of the item that I purchased myself? If so it would be great. Good luck!
Stephen Inoue
Hi Shippn! Here's a quick brain dump on some issues you are probably already aware of and will most likely run into. Have you put much thought into how credit card companies deal with shipping to addresses that aren't the oners? It is used for fraud prevention. You'll need some good tools for detecting folks using stolen credit and do everything you can t… See more
Alexandre Mouriec
@mrcalexandre · Associate @ Argos VR | Writer @ Stuffi
It looks like a great service to buy Snapchat Spectacles or Amazon Echo/Google Home 😉
Paul Nylund
@pyritedotco · Founder @ Pyrite
Very nice! Ever since I moved to Europe, online shopping has been a real pain.