Shipping Report

Project progress from developer activity

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Communicate project progress from developer activity with just a few clicks

Focus on the Features

Use the developers natural way of working to report on their progress.

Report in Seconds

Select a project, customise and share the result with a few simple clicks.

Communicate What Matters

Give your stakeholders clear updates for shipped features.

Paul Campbell
Derek Ekins
  • Paul Campbell
    Paul CampbellBreaking the build

    Really quick and easy to communicate project progress with stakeholders


    none yet...

    Gives non tech folk a view on a project that has previously been difficult to communicate. Celebrate your successes!

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Hi, I'm one of the developers. We've found this a really good way to share progress with our clients. We'd love to hear your feedback here or at
Phil Freo
Phil FreoHiring@philfreo · Head of Product & Engineering @
@joshski Cool idea. It’d really helpful / important to see some an example report though, before giving it access to all my private org / repos. Or a way to test it in public repos first.
Hi @philfreo, Thanks for the feedback - we've added an example report. We are also looking at how we can enable you to make reports on public repos without signing up. Cheers. Derek
Phil Freo
Phil FreoHiring@philfreo · Head of Product & Engineering @
@dereke Great to hear. The example report was kind of broken on mobile for me though.
@philfreo yeah we are aware of an issue on safari on iphones - sorry!