ShipHawk 2.0

Manage all your parcel and freight shipments in one place

Tell us about the big updates here :)
@bentossell and Product Hunt Community - This release democratizes eCommerce shipping by giving retailers a completely free parcel solution. At ShipHawk, we don’t believe that businesses should have to pay for basic functionality. To compete in today’s marketplace with players like Amazon, shipping solutions must deliver real value to their customers.
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@bentossell Here’s what’s new: 1. Completely free Parcel shipping solution with no per month or per label fees 2. Free ShipHawk parcel product includes API plus full UI and tracking dashboard 3. New high performance architecture and API endpoints. Check it out at 4. Also new self-serve product for parcel + LTL (Enterprise has this, specialty, home delivery and more)
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@bentossell While we’ve always had solutions for parcel, we decided it was time to make this basic functionality accessible to everyone. With ShipHawk 2.0, our new feature-rich plans make it easy for customers of any size to work with ShipHawk, whether shipping parcel, less-than-truckload freight, white glove or home delivery. To learn more about ShipHawk features for any size of business, check out our features and pricing page: Thanks for all the support Product Hunters! We’d love your feedback.
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@mrbodenhamer do you have any example integrations with other SaaS platforms to solve warehousing problem? Without full warehouse + shipping solution i can't see a possibility to compete with players like Amazon
Hey @dobrych. Great question. You are right that fulfillment must be a part of the overall solution. The same applies to inventory management, which I would argue in an omni-channel world is even more important. One reason we are offering our parcel API for free is to allow others in this space to build upon ShipHawk to create an all encompassing solution. There are already veterans in this space like and new startups coming online frequently like and Their entire focus is warehouse, fulfillment and inventory management.
how does this compete with shyp?
Hi @samir_doshi. We don't view Shyp as a competitor. ShipHawk is a shipping technology platform. Our focus is on removing shipping as a friction point in an eCommerce transaction, much like PayPal did for payments in eBay's early days when buyers mailed in envelopes full of cash to eBay HQ. We have hundreds of service providers on our platform from first mile to final mile.
@samir_doshi In fact, Shyp, other on demand parcel providers, and many of the returns/reverse logistics companies out there would benefit immensely from using our platform to power their post-pickup processes - from parcel rating and label printing to tracking. We also have sophisticated packing/packaging algorithms that could allow them to drive costs down even more.