The simplest project management tool ever 🚩

ShipFast is a super easy and simple project management tool built with developers made as the top priority βœ… We removed all project management jargon & complications and created a tool to help you maintain and ship your projects at blazing speeds πŸ”₯🌢

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Hi ProductHunt! πŸ‘‹ I am super excited to introduce all you makers to a simple tool that we built to help you ship quality products faster and while having a ton of fun maintaining them. Stop paying huge chunks of money to 'corporate' standard project management tools bombarded with graphs, charts and arrows we don't even look at and focus on what's actually important: shipping and maintaining your beloved projects. ShipFast will help you keep your project health level up and make sure your users hear from you more often than they are used to. Add tasks and start shipping them right away! We are also introducing third party integrations to Slack and Github very soon! Have fun shipping :)
Hey @andreyazimov, Another great product with Dark Mode. Wanna see it in Dark Mode List
Hey @dinuka_jayasuriya and @imshehan, It's a great product. One thing I like about ShipFast is that it doesn't have any unnecessary features. And love the design. I'll use ShipFast for my current and future projects. Thanks for making this.
@imshehan @mubaris Such an excitement to even hear those words πŸŽ‰ Yes we wanted to remove all the complications away from project management and make it easy for all of us to ship better and faster. Throw bugs and feature requests at me anytime!
Love your website and the fact that it is really easy to use :) Even we're in a market where we are solving the pain areas of project management.
@rishikmathur Indeed. 'Pain areas' exist because most tools don't directly address the audience. They go by the 'PM' book of rules and regulations and jargon and completely keep out the developer. As a large-scale business, yes it's advantageous to use tools like Jira but as an indie maker or a startup, that's total overkill and a waste of time and money. We really wanted to tackle this down once and for all. Thanks for the feedback :)

The idea is super cool, however, because it's too simple (much more like a todo list than a project management tool) it doesn't help a project manager to keep track of needed information!

Pain points:

- Cannot assign tasks to someone;

- Cannot comment on tasks;

- Cannot tag tasks or projects;

- Cannot move tasks back to the todo list;

- Cannot define milestones;

- Cannot search tasks or projects;

- Cannot plan due dates;

- ...

Design-wise, it doesn't use well the space available on each page. Lots of empty spaces that could be used for adding more useful information and compacting the view.


Cool idea


Lacks a bunch of minimum features for a project management tool.

Thanks for the feedback. Of course, these will be added eventually :) We prioritized the features we've shipped as a MVP for indie makers to get started. Day after day we are releasing each one of those additional features. In fact, today we are shipping out the 4th point you mentioned: Moving tasks back to todo list. Appreciate the feedback and pointing these out. Will proceed to shipping these one by one :)