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Hey everyone - really excited to announce the launch of Ship Your Side Project. Think of it like an online accelerator for tech & creative professionals who want to get serious about their side projects. I've done so many side projects over the years, and it's been both a lot of fun and a great benefit to my career. I've even launched a few on Product Hunt, like Great F*cking Startup Advice ( and How to Get What You Want (, But I meet people all the time who struggle to focus and commit to their side projects. They've got lots of talent, motivation, and ideas. This course is designed to give them the structure, community, and accountability to launch.
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@jasonshen Could've used something like this when for my startup! Easy Streak took 3.5 months (iOS app, php backend, a bunch of APIs, and a major pivot). Good luck with this!
Hey Jason. This is great! We've just finished our challenge to launch six projects in six months ( having wanted to finally ship some side projects and it's transformed our ability to launch. We're currently writing a book about our experience and what we learnt, hoping to help others get their launch game on so resources like these are great to see. There's a massive focus on getting funding, quitting your jobs and going full-time so it's great to see a side project accelerator to show that you can ship whilst having a full-time job. 6 weeks is a good number, for us we've found the 4-6 week being the sweet spot. All the best with this! πŸ˜€πŸ‘
@fredrivett Thanks Fred! I love your cycle of doom concept - sometimes we get too ambitious and then never ship, and forcing a deadline is a great way to keep scope in check. Love! I have a version of this I've made for myself that's an daily text message -> typeform link with 3 questions.
@jasonshen Thanks dude! Yeah the cycle of doom nailed it for us, we just kept going round and round! HowsItGoin's a really simple concept, glad something similar's working for you.
My first comment on Product Hunt! Jason's a friend and I'm not here to just astroturf, I thought I'd explain why I'm going to be paying for the program and participating, in case anyone's on the fence and considering it. In fact, I turned down his offer of a friend discount and will be paying the full price because I think it'll be a great value. I first heard of the idea a week or two ago and thought it sounded cool, but it wasn't something I needed for myself. I had a mental image of myself as somebody that's shipped plenty of side projects and realize the value in them, so I figured this was a great idea for rookies, not more experienced grizzled vets like me. I know the value of maintaining your skills, building your network, exploring a problem space in a slow burn experimental way, yada yada. But then I realized - when was the last time I actually *did* ship something on the side? Oh... it was about a year ago. And it was a structured event, the YC hackathon. That was my holy shit moment, when I started thinking of it less as a way to learn about how to do a side project and more like hiring a physical trainer to make it happen. So I started texting Jason and that's when I decided that this is exactly what I need to kick off the new year. I've already gotten useful advice just about which project to choose, how to scope it down, etc. (I'm going to be designing a travel app and use it as an excuse to learn some new mobile-specific design tools, like Sketch, Framer, etc, plus to document it along the way for other iOS design newbies. My reach goal is to learn Swift and program it too, but I'm cool with that being another 6 week project afterwards) I'd heavily encourage anyone with some ideas for something they've wanted to do on the side to join in and participate along with me. There's power in doing something as a group that has a momentum of it's own, sort of like a crossfit or bootcamp for your creativity!
@alabut thanks Al! I've found that even with a really motivated person, having a group to hold you accountable is really powerful. I've worked on learning to code several times and it didn't really stick until I did a GA class. Even though they didn't teach me anything I couldn't have learned on Codecademy or with free resources, the commitment and assignments forced me to ship
@alabut @jasonshen "...more like hiring a physical trainer to make it happen" - love this!
Really clever approach. Good luck -- and report back!
Congratulations on shipping! I really love the icons that show building a rocket over the six weeks too.
@bballinger That is the awesome work of @alonglastname. She made the animation too!