Ship Snow, Yo

We Ship Snow To Anyone in the US

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Andrew Bryk
Andrew BrykHunter@andrewjbryk · Product @Quartethealth
This seems like shipping glitter 2.0
Xiao@xxxxxxiao · Operation
@andrewjbryk I was about to say this...Except snow might actually be a cool gift for my friends in Hawaii and Miami...
Jim Carter III
Jim Carter III@noinput · Cause Hacker
@andrewjbryk @xxxxxxiao 'cool gift'. I see what you did there.
Mike Coutermarsh
Mike Coutermarsh@mscccc · Code @ GitHub
I love this, read about it the other day. The first version was in a water bottle and always melted. Version 2.0 tho... "So he came up with a new plan, selling six pounds at a time. He tells ( ) even if the snow melts a little by the time it arrives, the package can still make 10 to 15 snowballs."
Burak A.
Burak A.@burakaydik · Co-Founder, Dooing
"Our nightmare is your dream!" i loved it :)
seth hillinger
seth hillinger@hill · Founder, Wox, inc. & NYMusicTech Meetup
Jim Carter III
Jim Carter III@noinput · Cause Hacker
No Frozen references yet?