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Compare, buy and print shipping labels from your phone

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Hey guys. I created an iPhone app that lets you buy and print the shipping labels from the major carriers like UPS, FedEx, USPS, etc. I believe this is the easiest/fastest way to buy the shipping labels. The whole process should take less than a minute. No signup/login required. You can even compare the rates from all carriers at one place. I tried to streamline your mobile purchase flow even further: importing from Contacts, using your current location, and, Apple Pay for sure! As soon as you complete the payment, you get the shipping label print link in your email (along with the payment receipt), but, you can also directly print it via AirPrint. It's currently only on App Store, but, we're working on Android version at the moment. I hope you guys find this app useful. Please share with your friends and colleagues :) Thanks!
Just used the app . Awesome and very convenient .
@mstrvrs Glad you liked it.
Not as cheap as creating shipping labels using Paypal but way more convenient!
@snowjunkie21 Thanks for the feedback! We hope that the rates will be much lower once we negotiate the prices with carriers.
Nice work, I could use this. Obligatory 'when is Android coming out' question
@kevinyun I'd just say soon (TM), but, I'm working on it at the moment along with other features like international shipments support.
Looks promising ! Any ETA for Canada being supported ? Also any plans to add a tracking section ? I use another app for that which is limited in its free version. I'd become a fan if you had this feature :)
@jpvalery We're actively working on international shipments, but, there are some more requirements for them (e.g. customs declarations for certain items). BUT, as you suggested, we will do some research to see if US-Canada is different (hopefully less requirements). Thanks for the feedback!!