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Full disclosure, I'm one of the teachers in this course. But, I've also watched the lectures of the other teachers and I can say that their material is top notch. The balance of theory with real life examples helped give me the knowledge, but more importantly, the confidence to actually apply a lot of the material in the course to developing my own product. The course really helped break everything down into manageable, bite-sized tasks. I think of most value, is how it provides a solid blueprint and accountability for anyone who is totally overwhelmed with creating their own product.
@sarahdoody Thanks a lot Sarah! Three things I'll add are we have an introductory series, where I do my best to answer every email and give people feedback. Second, we have be revising this course yearly since 2013. Our goal is to give our students them most current techniques when it comes to building and growing. Finally, it's live and students get to interact with instructors. Something all of us wish we had when we were building our first products :)
Seems a bit too 'black box' to me
@mark_beare What do you mean 'black box'? You want to see more lessons, etc.?
Is this just a course or whole platform?
@webtrify What do you mean by platform?
@poornima @webtrify as in a new type of website. You're offering a class, not a new way to use the web.
Is this a course on how to start a startup or how to code a startup? Sorry a bit confusion here.
@evivz no coding. just get started building a product, attracting customers and getting them to pay.
Just applied with my invention!