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Hey Product Hunters! Thanks for all the support. For the past year, the ShipHawk team has been working hard to turn ShipHawk’s simple quoting tool into a versatile shipping platform that provides solutions for businesses via our recently launched suite of APIs. You may be wondering how this is different from other shipping apps out there. With ShipHawk, you don't just get access to FedEx, UPS and USPS's API data. You get access to dozens of carriers - of all types - parcel, freight, blanket wrap, flatbed and more. There are also very few size restrictions. With ShipHawk you can ship furniture, machinery, art, and other oversized items. ShipHawk's technology also helps solve complex shipping problems like accurately rating unpacked items. And you've probably wondered why Amazon routinely sends out big boxes with only a few small items inside. ShipHawk solves this problem too by efficiently assembling orders of multiple items.
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@mrbodenhamer Congrats on the launch Jeremy! A few q's: 1) What inspired the making of ShipHawk? 2) How are you different from other shipping competitors (Shyp, Shippo)? 3) Any big news to share? ;)
@eriktorenberg Thank you! 1. We started ShipHawk because we believe that it should be easy to determine the cost of shipping - no matter what you ship. 2. Shyp performs on demand pickups for parcel shipping. And Shippo aggregates parcel APIs for use in shopping carts etc. ShipHawk really specializes in shipping items that are oversized, diverse or decentralized. Think about selling items on eBay or Etsy. Your items may be unpacked, they may be too big for UPS. ShipHawk's tech answers these types of hard to answer shipping problems. Plus we aggregate dozens of carriers of all types into one API. 3. We announced today that we closed a $5M Series A from the guys at DN Capital, Karlin Ventures, Rothenberg Ventures and Wavemaker Partners!
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At Rothenberg Ventures, we were blown away when we met Jeremy and the ShipHawk team. They're keenly focused on removing friction in the "big stuff" shipping process and making the world a flatter, more connected place. ShipHawk will enable shipping experiences that were previously thought impossible.
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@Flinndustries I can't wait to ship a tractor.
Just saw the news drop on TechCrunch:
An API that can ship a car. WHAT! MIND BLOWN!!
@mscccc Wait until you see what it can do with a tank! :)
@mrbodenhamer BRB, gotta find a tank.
@mrbodenhamer Seems so simple, love the design. Would be great if you could integrate auto sizing and weight data - since I have no clue and would be hard pressed to find it out, especially if I am only now just shopping for the item. Some of the other shippers will figure it out as I'm typing.
@weinberg81 Great insight Dave. If you type in a standard item like iPad, ShipHawk will auto-populate the weight and dims for you. Or, if you try to ship a non-standard item like a desk or a wingback chair, you will see "Not Sure" buttons pop up. These pull system data from past shipments to provide estimated weight and dimensional data. Also, if integrated into a marketplace or other platform, ShipHawk will pull relevant data from the item listing and fill in what is missing. Thanks for the great comment!