Ship is a toolkit for makers to build awesome products. Use Ship to generate demand, build an email list, and communicate with your audience, and ship product.

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For the past several weeks we've been beta testing a new suite of tools to help makers and startups build awesome products. We call it Ship. Ship is useful for anyone building a product: pre-launch, at launch, and post-launch. After all, launching is not a one-time thing and building an engaged community is 🔑. During our beta period, awesome folks including Eric Ries, Casey Neistat, and larger companies like Shopify, used Ship to announce their upcoming product launches, collect emails from interested subscribers, and gather feedback from their audience. We're opening access on a first-come, first-serve basis, so reserve your place in line now. If you'd like to skip the waitlist, sign up for one of the Pro plans and unlock additional super powers, including: ✏️ Surveys and Polls* 👨‍👩‍👧‍👦 Group Messaging* 🗓 Scheduled Product Launches* 🔍 A/B Testing* 📈 Reports and Analytics* 🌐 Custom Domain* 📣 Product Promotion 🎣 Webhooks *These features are shipping soon! Questions/feedback!? We'd love to hear it. 😸 EDIT: We decided to offer 20% off our Pro plans for the next few days using this link.
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@rrhoover 🔥🤘 well done team!
@rrhoover good stuff - paid plans start off a bit steep but look forward to trying it out.
@rrhoover Awesome :) We already talked about this, but I think indeed that PH would gain allowing to follow a product in all the steps of its life, not just at launch. Did you consider plugging prelaunch to Betalist? It sounds like an obvious/useful addition.
@rrhoover Looks cool but what does "Product Promotion" mean exactly?
@frank_denbow those using the Pro plans will get additional visibility on our index of upcoming product launches and the homepage of Product Hunt.
What started as an MVP called Upcoming has turned into Ship! Bravo Product Hunt team. This is going to be super useful to all of us releasing new products and improving existing ones. 🙏🏽🚀🤗
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@hnshah 🙏🏼🙏🏼🙏🏼 For everyone else, Hiten's been one of our best supporters over the past few months of beta testing. Thanks for all the advice and help!
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@hnshah @rrhoover Hiten also does a stellar job of building in public... Adding a 'product log' could be a good addition to the offering.
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There was a void left by people who wanted to reach the Product Hunt community but weren't ready to launch. You had to put a lot of effort into creating a webpage just to do a 'Pre-launch' hunt. That's all simplified now.


You can put very little effort into building a landing page and getting beta customers, letting you focus on shipping your product!


Nothing really! There's still a free version for everyone bootstrapping!

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And thus, Product Hunt gets into business. :)
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We've been using our upcoming page for the last couple of weeks and have collected over 1,000 emails already 😊

Saves days if not weeks by giving you tools to launch and iterate out of the box.

Welcome to the future 🚀


The fastest way to collect emails while your build


Nope, beats WordPress landing pages any day

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