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Hey everyone! James and I made Ship because we were frustrated with other tools we've had to use. It's focused on developer productivity and meant to be used frequently without wasting your time.
@kogir looks awesome! After looking through the documentation it doesn't seem like the following features exist. Would you ever consider adding such functionality? There is also a chance the functionality exists but I'm just missing something :) 1) Ability to prioritize problems on a more granular level than the priority type. This would help people prioritize which problems they want to work on next in a kanban type format 2) Story points or the ability to estimate the approximate size of the task UPDATE: Nick answered my very similar question on HN "We don't personally like agile. We would like to add the ability to order problems - both a personal work order queue, like "I'm doing this, then that, etc." and globally within a milestone, which I think is what you had in mind. Arbitrary attributes are supported, so you could track point estimates that way, but you're right, nothing like that is surfaced at the top level. Perhaps we can think of a good way to surface things like this without reaching Jira-custom-fields level of pain."
@ajwaxman Sorry, just now seeing this :)
@kogir @thetonnerton Congrats for shipping Ship. I understand that there is a demo once you download it, but I would also like to see more screenshots in your website. Thanks!
@aparkhills @thetonnerton To be honest we probably rushed the launch a little, but then again it never feels like a good time. We'll see what we can do about the number and quality of the screen shots.
I live the visualization over time --- very useful to get an objective view for the project trajectory.
As a indie developer this looks like it would be pretty awesome! Looks like it has great potential. I know that obviously being pretty wasn't your first priority and I think that's refreshing. However, I would love to see a little more go into the design of this!
@_jasonsilberman Thanks! You guessed right - we've talked about working with someone on improving the visual design, but wanted to see if anyone wanted it first.
@kogir that sounds great. One tidbit I'd really love to see is some more detail (color coding or just text) in the item list view on iOS. It's a bit of a pain to have to tap and go back on every item to see information other than title. It would also allow me to get a better glimpse of the project right away!