Everything about the portuguese startup scene

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Diogo Teles
Product Lead
It's funny to see that the Portuguese ecosystem is now Growing, companies are now going across the seas to conquer new markets and spread the Portuguese culture. This website will show the best startups and interview the best people from Lisbon. I think its worth a share. Any questions about the Portuguese ecosystem leave it in the comments, the founders probably will jump in. Hope you guys like it.
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Paul M BoycecoFounder &CEO
Ship is awesome! 500 years ago the Portuguese adventurers and mariners set sail into unknown seas, to explore a new world, open new trade routes, gain success and push back the frontiers of what was currently known. Today, a new breed of Portuguese adventurers "entrepreneurs" are being born - from the crucible of economic hardship - brave young men and women are once more setting forth into uncharted waters, exploring, and pushing back the frontiers. Already we've seen what can be achieved, with companies like and, hatched in Lisbon and already among their peers of the top startups in Silicon Valley at Y Combinator. And other companies like Uniplaces, Hole19, Codacy, and more, there are no limits to what this new generation of tech adventurers can achieve, and no limit to their creative passion. And has an important role to play - in sharing knowledge, inspiring and strengthening the startup community in Portugal - and driving success of all corners of the world. Go ship!
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Ricardo SequerraPrincipal at Cherry Ventures
Hoping this becomes a go-to website for portuguese tech news and insights. Best of luck guys ;)
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PedroCo-founder @
The team behind Ship is top, definitely a site to keep bookmarked on your browser if you're into the (Portuguese) startup scene!
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